The Extension Service (SE) is the direct contact of the FNC with coffee growers. Its origins date back to 1928, with the publication of the first issue of the Coffee Magazine, addressed to coffee growers, and two years later with the first Coffee Practices.

The current extension agents, due to the useful and practical technical assistance they provide, have become indispensable allies of the producers when it comes to transforming coffee cultivation into a real profitable and productive company.

This team has a presence in 603 coffee municipalities (more than half of those in the country), without a doubt a great coverage of attention of the producing families.

In line with Cenicafé’s research and technology advances, the SE concentrates its work on the promotion of best agronomic practices that allow the producer, from his farm, to improve his income. Sow certified seed of varieties resistant to coffee rust, construction and maintenance of seedlings; timely sowing and with adequate densities; management of coffee production and renewal cycles; care of the lift stage; adequate fertilization; gloomy handling; Integrated management of pests and diseases; agricultural credit; good harvest management and the benefit process; production of specialty coffees; Farm update and business management are some of the many aspects of the formative work of the extension workers with the coffee families of the country.